PD Dimensions consultants provide training, coaching, and resources to support classroom teachers in their preparation to captivate youth with opportunities for reflective, critical, and evaluative thinking through project based learning (PBL). Teachers are given the guidance and support to create authentic learning experiences where the process is more important than the product. 

In order to empower youth to become independent thinkers and lifelong learners, it is necessary to provide them with foundational skills for managing self-control, building curiosity, organizing thinking and developing a commitment to their own pursuit of learning. Classroom teachers are provided with the tools and strategies to:

  • decrease incidences of persistently disruptive and/or challenging behaviors within the classroom environment
  • lead youth to own their learning experience and provide them with authentic driven activities that expose them to 21st century and critical thinking skills
  • connect skill building to Common Core Academic Standards¬†
  • increase independent thinking, reflective practices and problem solving skills

Explore our Professional Development Catalog for an in-depth list of training sessions to support these outcomes.

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