Session Information:

The Role of the School-age Provider in Supporting Positive Behaviors- October 28th

In order for children to demonstrate positive behaviors, out of –school staff must provide them with a

learning environment that encourages positive relationships with both adults and peers. Additionally,

classroom routines and activities must foster the development of social-emotional skills.

K2.13 C2


Building Positive Relationships in After School- November 18th

Participants will share, discuss and implement best practices that can be used to and strengthen

relationships with children, families, and colleagues. We will gain an awareness of how our

personal experiences may influence our relationships. We will learn how verbal and non-verbal

messages are processed and perceived and develop strategies to communicate positive messages of

acceptance, and warmth to support children, families, and professionals.

K5.1 C1


Sneaking In the Standards in After School Programs- December 15th

Do you want lots of fun and engaging activities that focus on academics? Do you want children to

learn without losing the playful, engaging, characteristics that make afterschool such an enjoyable

part of childhood? You don’t have to choose between fun and academics. When learning is active,

engaging, hands-on, novel, relevant, and playful we can build positive relationships that make

afterschool special and enhance academic achievement this is a highly participatory workshop

where participants will leave with a potpourri of ideas for incorporating playful activities that link

to the PA Learning Standards!



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CLASP Program

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